Flat Wire DC Motor Armatures Rewound
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 Advanced DC armature for an E-Z-Go PDS motor. 



The steps for rewinding a flat wire armature.

Although it is not a simple process, we have provided a simple synopsis of the rewind process to help you understand the time
and materials involved in rewinding an armature.  As you can see, we are the original recyclers.  Recycling steel and copper
long before it became the right thing to do.

A typical burnt armature, as it is received from a customer. Most people would think this armature is not repairable, However the experts at Luna can rebuild it. And they can rebuild it for considerably less than the cost of a new armature. That is, if you can find a new armature.

The first step is to cut the wires and
remove the commutator.

The armature is then burned to remove the old insulation.


After burning, the remaining wires & insulation are removed.


The armature is then cleaned & prepared for rewinding.


New insulation and commutator are installed.




Copper wire coils are made and inserted into the stack.

The wires are moved forward into position.

The wires are spread, separating the top and bottom.  Then, one by one they are positioned in the slots on the commutator.



The wires are welded to the commutator.

The armature is banded with glass reinforced tape.

The armature is dipped in baking varnish and baked to further insulate and strengthen the copper bars.




The armature is turned & undercut. It is now ready to be reinstalled in a motor.